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Did You Know that Most Women Struggle with the Hip Hinge, a Core Element to Mountain Biking?

Learn How to Ride with More Power and Longevity While Supporting Your Neck and Back By Strengthening Your Hip Hinge.

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Get the online workout plan and use it to:

  • Ride Longer Miles on the Trails.
  • Be in Control of the Bike on the Downhills. 
  • Feel Good at the End of the Ride, Not Feeling Your Neck or Your Back Stress...
  • Crush Those Climbs that Have Been Giving Your Anxiety. 
  • Have All the Smiles for the Miles on the Bike! 

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In The Ride Life Team, you’ll learn how use exercises as tools for you to ride better and be stronger through easy to follow workouts, with minimal equipment, that can fit into your busy life. 


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Be Riding Trails You Said No To Before
  • Confidently Be Trying More Features on the Trail
  • Feel GOOD About Your Body and the Progress You Have Made!

The right workout plan can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in The Ride Life Team.


The Ride Life Team

Are Your Ready to be Stronger and More Confident on Your Bike? 

This monthly-membership will teach and guide you with exercises to strengthen your hip hinge and give you a plan to build your biking body that you will be proud of and use for more smiles on the trail. You’ll learn how to:

  • Actually Use Your Core
  • Feel Balanced on the Technical Sections
  • Ride Longer and Want For More!

With a simple shift in your lifestyle by adding in short workouts (15-20 min), you could start making the moves your want and ride stronger.

What's Included In

The Ride Life Team...


Climb Crushers Program

Your Body is the base support for you to have more fun on the trails. Get a workout program and plan you can actually make happen to get a strong base, making riding farther and more elevation in just a couple months possible. How?

  • Monthly Plans: Based on your time availability to workout each week
  • Your Strength Assessment to start off at the right level
  • Focus on your Hip Hinge with lower body, upper body, and core/balance workouts

You’ll learn where you need to focus your efforts and get workouts and videos to help you understand your body better. So you can give it the best exercises in the least amount of time off your bike.

Monthly "Extra" Videos

Extra Knowledge to Ride Better

Even with a great workout plan, you can use some extra information to make you a better rider. Each month a new video is released or a FB live is done to give you that extra edge. You'll Learn:

  • How to navigate your nutrition needs while biking
  • Drills and Skills on the bike from skills instructors
  • Anatomy and physiology specific to the woman's mtn biking body

You’ll learn these videos keep your interest and motivation going as you incorporate different things each month into your biking.


Ride Life Team FB Group

The secret to continuing workout programs and plans comes from community. This will give you:  

  • Accountability by wanting to improve
  • Motivation by seeing others share their gains and wanting to share your own! 
  • Sense of belonging, as many on the RL Team are not pro riders, but women looking to have a blast and get away from it all in the woods. Be prepared to make friends and get support from women across the world. 

You’ll find this part of the RL Team warms your heart the most with women from around the world.

Bonus Modules


For many, the goal is to build a strong biking body to ride for farther and tackle those steep climbs. In these bonus sections, you’ll learn more information on:

  • How to focus your endurance training to meet your trail and body needs (Understanding Endurance Training)
  • Supporting your shoulders and neck to get the most from your riding and exercises (Shoulder Blade Activation Module) 
  • Body position to drops to gear that you need to have on the trail with you (New to Mtn Biking Module) 
  • How to focus in on your core with base levels and pelvic floor focus (Lower Core and Pelvic Floor Module)

These give you the extras to support the Climb Crushers Program and get the most for your body needs.

The Ride Life Team Is For You If...

  • You are not happy with your fitness level and riding ability
  • You can't ride the full downhill without having to stop to take a break (or sit on the seat)
  • You feel like the bike is in control (not you)
  • You dream of riding more trails with more miles and more elevation
  • You have a trip coming up that you want to be ready for

I'm Liz Koch

After graduating with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and being a broken down athlete myself, I wanted to get back out on the trails that I loved so much as a teenager and little girl. But I had limited time and a body that was saying - eh - you want to do what...

That is when my need and the needs of other women rider came to the surface. There wasn't a program to follow for me, the everyday rider that wanted to have more fun on the trails and wanted to do it in such a way that I wouldn't get hurt doing. (as many other workout programs seem to start me too hard to quickly and demanded a lot of time).  

So was born the Ride Life Team and in it... Climb Crushers to focus on our similar needs: core strength, use and function of our glutes, and strength and endurance to ride and climb farther while feeling good in their body. Come join me and have more fun on the trails. 


ps- I also do individual strength training programs for those with specific needs. Click here to fill out a form and I'll be in touch. 

"3 Big Climbs this week and I enjoyed them all - even the climbing!!! Can really feel a difference on climbing and confidence going down!"

- Dawn B.

"2.5 weeks of Climb Crushers and I LOVE IT! Wonderful side effect is my shoulder knots and pain have drastically decreased. (My masseuse and chiro are amazed) The pain and stiffness are gone and the strength and mobility have returned 100%! Thank you Liz for creating such an amazing program!"

- Melissa K.

"The Ride Life Team is exactly the kind of program that is so easy to follow! Everyday you know where you are at, you have choices on exercises to do, and it is very easy to follow. The results are wonderful - I have lost weight, gained strength, and feel good on the bike! Liz is also so responsive to concerns you have and always willing to answer questions. Thanks Liz!"

- Susan Smith

The Ride Life Team

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