Stop Struggling to Get Your Core to Work for Your Body and Biking

Learn the activations and exercises that, doctor of physical therapist, Liz uses to build a stable biking trunk!


Did you know that the majority of women I talk to aren't able to engage their core properly?

Learn how to use your core as a cylinder to support your low back, neck, and hips while feeling the power come into your climbs and confidence come into your downhills!


You Can Strengthen Your Core!

Learn the exercises to building a solid trunk and pelvic floor, then use it to:

  • Power Through Technical Roots and Rocks.
  • Keep Your Balance Through Tough Punchy Climbs.
  • Relieve Stress From Your Neck, Low Back, and Hips. 
  • Play Your Way Downhill with Confidence. 
  • Smile More on the Trail!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Core Crushers, you’ll learn how to finally breathe with your core contraction, which will immediately change how you use it on the trail! No extra equipment needed!


In The Next 2 Months, You Could…

  • Finally Feel Stable on the Bike
  • Have Rides without Low Back Stress or Neck Stress
  • Feel the Power on the Climbs to Get to the Top

The right exercises can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in the Core Crushers Program.


Core Crushers Program

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You Are Ready To Take Control your Biking?

This workout program will teach you how to use your core to control your bike and ride with power. You’ll learn how to:

  • Breathe while engaging your core
  • Connect and strengthen your pelvic floor. (or relax it) 
  • Target your lower abdominals

With a simple shift in your mindset and levels based on your core strength, you will gain strength and mind to body control for a stronger biking body!

What's Included In The Core Crushers...

Main Part!


Your Core is the main element in a strong biker. Get workouts to build up your body to get you through the climb and over the technical sections so you can ride more of the trail with a smile. How?

  • Easy to follow 15-20 min workouts 
  • Mobility assessment to get you moving more exactly where you need it! 
  • Self Strength Assessment so you know where to start in Strength Levels that target where you need! 

You will learn through the videos, how to look for if you are doing the exercise correctly of not and how to adjust it so you can get the benefit of the exercise. Giving you the best bang for your time to get your body feeling so much stronger. 

Pelvic Floor Module

Pelvic Floor Specific Exercises

A major component of our core is the pelvic floor. Buffy, a pelvic floor Physical Therapist, did a guest module on pelvic floor tightness, weakness, and pain.  In this Module, you’ll learn:

  • Dynamics needed of the pelvic floor for proper core function. 
  • How to see if your pelvic floor is functioning correctly. 
  • How to "Fix/Help" your pelvic floor and then apply to the exercises in Core Crushers and life. 

This could be a course in of itself and worth all the money of the course.

Strength Level: 

Hip Flexor Popping Level

As women mtn bikers, we can overuse our hip flexors and not know the key to supporting and changing our habits.  In this level, you’ll learn:

  • How to engage yoru lower core muscles to support and work with your hip flexors.
  • How to decrease hip flexor tightness
  • How to apply it to biking and life

You’ll finish this lesson with your hip flexors feeling the best they have in years.

This Program Is For You If...

  • You are always saying, I need a stronger core...
  • You are feeling like you can't control your bike when riding faster
  • You can't get that power in your pedal when needed
  • You feel your back or neck stressed during or post ride
  • You want to ride your bike the way you want without limitations!

I'm Liz Koch


After graduating with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree and being a broken down athlete myself, I wanted to get back out on the trails that I loved so much as a teenager and little girl. But I had limited time and a body that was saying - eh - you want to do what...

That is when my need and the needs of other women rider came to the surface. There wasn't a program to follow for me, the everyday rider that wanted to have more fun on the trails and wanted to do it in such a way that I wouldn't get hurt doing. (as many other workout programs seem to start me too hard to quickly and demanded a lot of time).  

So was born the Ride Life and the Core Crushers Program to focus on our similar needs of a stronger core. And in that, understanding how to use our core to support our body on and off the bike! Start the program, you won't be disappointed. 

"Any number of programs can help you strengthen your core. What this program does is teach you how to use your core properly to establish a strong flexible connection with your bike that is necessary for balance, maneuvering, and endurance!"

- Cecilia J. 

 "The Core Crushers is working! I had such great control, confidence, and speed on the downhills in Pisgah today! My friends commented on how well I was riding, both uphill and downhill!"

- Colleen S.

"Two things I noticed riding when engaging my core: going up punchy climbs, I felt I had more power, going down, I was able to move my bike around under me a lot more when cornering bc I felt stronger off my saddle!"

- Elisa W.

Core Crushers Program

One Time Payment - Lifetime Access


Change Your Riding


If you aren’t completely satisfied with Core Crushers, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.